The Waiting Game Aboard Mar Mostro

Photo credit: Amory Ross, MCM PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG

And so the wait for better weather continues for the PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG team aboard Mar Mostro. The rest of the fleet participating in the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race is dealing with pretty much the same thing. As Amory Ross, MCM PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG reports,

It’s a strange life we live out here now, pushing the boat east before an eventual “green light” from Tom [Addis]. Any relative progress these days – forward or back – to the rest of the fleet is pretty negligible as we’re all in the same boat (not literally, of course) in that we can only go so far east before slowing and sliding back.

This seemingly perpetual swinging forward and back motion is not unique to the Volvo Ocean Race. The marine industry has been facing a long period of uncertainty for the past few years. Just when there seems to be an uptick in order intake, newbuildings and sales another wave of economic crisis and uncertainty hits. And with that wave comes cancelled orders, backlogs, and scrapped projects.

Eventually, this too shall pass. The weather will improve and the teams will continue in full speed on the Race Around the World. Likewise, the global economic climate will improve and the maritime industry will see a positive slant to the market.

Photo credit: Amory Ross, MCM PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG

In the meantime, we just have to wait out the storm.

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